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Blogs loaded with information about Criminal Organizations operating in Mexico, Latin America and the United States!


"It don't Matter!" is about whatever there is and what can or may happen and the results doesn't matter to anyone!


Because, we all come into this world naked, and most all of us cry to get started in life. And that doesn't matter either, we can be born and not wanted, or born and wanted, and that don't matter because it is not our choice.


Information is education good or bad!

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It's a Pity! 


End Times by hotdogfish will expose and characterize these events so the general public can understand that this is not the fault of God, but of our own evil ways. We have become a world driven by greed and lack of respect for the other person. Everyday life is about "ME" and to hell with you! And this is where the Evil One draws his strength, if you support him then you are part of the cause for these catastrophic events to happen, and which are happening all around us each and everyday!

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It's Over! 


It's Over!


When you think it's over it's just beginning!


When things don't go right and you are feeling down, You may want to say "It's Over" but really it is not, until you let it go!


That is exactly what is happening today in the world that we live in, America is complaining all the time about Obama, yet they voted him into office for a second term and the problems created by him continue, but who can you blame and should you! Live with the problem and it will eventually go away. Then you will elect a new president and after a short time you will complain about his policies, and so goes the story! Do you get the point, its a waste of time to complain, for it is Vanity first class.